Becoming a member 

Membership in a congregation is unlike membership in a club. In a club, membership has privileges.  In a church to be a "member" means, as St. Paul taught, to be a "member of the body of Christ."  That is, we follow our Lord and serve him. Belonging to a congregation gives us a place to meet Christ regularly in Word and sacrament; it gives us a place to grow and deepen our faith. Becoming a member of the body of Christ at Holy Trinity can follow several paths:

  • Baptism - Children and adults who have never been baptized will receive membership to Holy Trinity though the sacrament of baptism. Baptism classes for parents wishing to baptize infant/young children are asked to participate in this class offered once each month. Adults and older children can meet privately with a pastor to prepare for baptism.

  • Membership Exploration Sessions are held 3-4 times each year for those who would like to find out about becoming members.  Dates/times are published in the church bulletin or call the office for information.

  • Transferring your membership - If you are a member of another Lutheran church and would like to join Holy Trinity, please call the church office at 515-964-4348 to let us know the name of the church from which you wish to transfer.

  • Welcoming New Members - We welcome new members 3-4 times each year during our Saturday and Sunday worship services.

  • Email us with questions!